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Loving Lighter Lifestyle Coaching

Do you feel sad or tired too often? Are you uninspired, unappreciated, undervalued, unloved?  Is the dating scene kicking your butt or pissing you off?  Do your relationships often stall or crash and burn? Is your heart broken? Are their areas of your life where you feel stuck?  If you've landed on this site you must be ready to embrace a life of luxury, celebration, infinite joy and abundance.  Together we can create that life for you.  A life that you appreciate living.  A life that you look forward to instead of looking back at with regret.  Let's get you ready for your miracles. Its time for your new job or promotion, your new business, your new love life to manifest for you. You will need tools to be prepared to receive all the good things you deserve and to be successful in maintaining it. I can provide you with that toolkit.  Request a free consultation today and together we will create your BEST life!

Who is AD James?

I am AD James; a lifestyle coach, freedom fighter, and spiritual enthusiast.  I specialize in deep emotional wound care and healing work to transform the lives of professional people who desire a more purposeful and fulfilling life.