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Image by Prateek Gautam

What is Loving Lighter Lifestyle Coaching?

Loving Lighter Lifestyle Coaching was created after a conversation with a dear friend.  In that conversation I shared with my friend a passage in the great author and minister Iyanla Vanzant’s book, “Yesterday I Cried.” In the passage Ms. Vanzant recalls a conversation between herself and one of her spiritual advisors where he asks her if she could be anything in the world what would you be. Her answer at that time was chicken.  She believed that chickens were useful, abundant and most people liked them.  Her spiritual advisor said that he wanted to be a cool glass of water; for its clarity and ability to be transformed.  After reading this and explaining the passage to my friend I asked her what would she chose to be.  Her answer was fire.  She believed that fire was powerful and could create great change as it grows.  When she asked me the question in return without hesitation I knew that I wanted to light.   

One of my most vivid memories of childhood was my very first school assembly performance in preschool.  Me and the other students were all standing in a line in a sun-bathed classroom practicing the lyrics as well as my teacher’s choreography for the song “This Little Light of Mine.” original creator unknown but popularized by Betty Mae Fikes in 1963.  As we sang the lyrics off key and at the top of our young lungs even though I wasn’t old enough to truly understand what I was singing I remember what it felt like to sing the song.  It felt like freedom.  It felt like joy.  It felt like something that belonged to me that I could anchor myself to.  I could feel the light as our voices filled the classroom. 

When I reflect on my scariest moments as a child; whether in dreams or the reality of the basement or attic of my home; what made them the most frightening was the darkness in these spaces.  Corners and closets void of light would often cause my imagination to betray me with the idea that I was in danger of what was lurking within the shadows.   I slept with a nightlight much longer than the average child. (And I’m not ashamed of it) Light gave me peace, light provided me with clarity and as long as there was light I could see what needed to be done.    That is why I chose to be light.  I want to be peace, clarity and lead the way to what needs to be done. 

What I know now as an adult is that the only things that are truly worth doing, that will be done well, must be done in love.  One of the most important ways to know someone is to ask them the question, what do they love.  A great follow up to that is to ask what do they love doing.  Understanding these aspects of someone’s personality establishes the foundation on what drives them to becoming the best version of themselves. 

As your lifestyle coach my work is to be the light that provides you with the clarity to live a life that you love living.  Together we will shine the light into the dark places that scare you to show you what you need to work on or if there is anything there at all.  I will help you get clear about what you love, make peace with what you are challenged by and clear a path to your greatest victories.

This Little Light of Mine

This little light o’ mine, I'm goin’ let it shine

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Evrywhere I go, I'm goin’ let it shine (repeat)

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

In my neighbor's home, I'm goin’ let it shine  (repeat)

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

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