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Who is AD James?

Finding My Light

I am AD James; a lifestyle coach, freedom fighter, and spiritual enthusiast.  I specialize in deep emotional wound care and healing work to transform the lives of professional people who dream of a more purposeful and fulfilling life.  I started my career fourteen years ago as a young person trying to figure out my own purpose.  I was and for the most part still am a rule follower.  Back then I did what was expected of me.  I went to school, got a job, paid bills (to the best of my ability) and maintained a relationship that outwardly looked ideal.  I kept my hair cut, my nails trimmed and I wore fashionable but classically professional attire; even on the weekends.  I didn’t even own a pair of sweat pants.  I strived to be seen as someone who had it together.   I was committed to being an example of respectability and professional polish.  The greatest compliment that I ever received was from an elder woman that I worked with when she told me “Tell your parents, job well done.”

Beneath the surface, I was often ashamed of myself.  I never felt like I was doing enough.  I never felt like I had enough.  Through my thoughts and self-talk, I magnified what I lacked and minimized my accomplishments.  I carried deep scars from painful experiences while at school; having been bullied by students, teachers and school administrative staff.  Being in classrooms filled me with extreme anxiety throughout my time there.  I avoided classes where I had to stand in front of my fellow students or provide my thoughts; due to the muscle memory of the pain and rejection that I faced when I was young and voiceless.  I still saw myself as voiceless.  I believed that silence was safer.  I worked jobs that I believed I could get instead of pursuing the career path that I truly wanted.  And to no surprise, wherever I worked I never quite fit in. 

I had a horrible relationship with money.  I was told early on, and believed that money was hard to come by.  That bill collectors were evil demons out to take your last dollar!  That I should never buy what I want; instead I should get what was cheap or wait until there was a sale.  To not be seen by the world as lacking, I dressed well and kept a tight fade at all times.  As a child for some reason I was ashamed of my hands; so, as an adult, my fingers were always manicured, moisturized and I wore great rings (or at least I thought they were).

At that time I was in a relationship where I loved them as best I could but I did not feel worthy of the love that I desired.  I decided that in order to keep the relationship, I had to work hard and sacrifice for it.  I sacrificed friendships, family time and opportunities for my own personal growth, as to not risk offending and losing my partner.  To be clear, my partner never asked me to do any of those things. I decided that it was necessary and I believed that I would/should be rewarded for my sacrifice through their praise and appreciation for my works.  Sometimes I got it, most times I didn’t. When I didn’t it, my feelings were hurt.  When my feelings got hurt; I got mean.  When I felt unheard and undervalued; I got meaner.  When nothing changed; I got cold.  When I got cold, my partner got distant and eventually they got gone; leaving me alone to deal with all of the emotional baggage, shame and embarrassment that I had accumulated over the years.  The sorrow and regret that comes when you do not feel that you got what you paid for. Looking back today, I truly believe that this time and experience were the best thing that could have happened to me. 

Upon realizing there were some major problems in my life that I had no clue how to solve, I did something that I had never done before.  I prayed.  Not the prayers that my grandmother taught me as a child; that at my young age I didn’t really understand.  I prayed my very first prayer that came directly from my heart and soul.  “Lord, please help me.  Help me please.  Come now and help me.  I really need your help.” 

The next day the Lord showed up on the “Oprah Winfrey Show.”  She introduced a book and movie called “The Secret” by author Rhonda Byrne.  Before the episode ended I purchased the book.  The major principles of the book are that the law of attraction is always working and that energy flows where your attention goes.  Meaning, what I focus my energy on is what will show up in my life.   I realized that I had been focusing on fear, lack, limitations, loss and deficiency.  I feared failing, so I didn’t try.  I lacked confidence, so I settled for what I felt I could get instead of going after what I truly wanted.  I felt limited, by my age, my income and my lack of experience; as well as the limits of racism and homophobia; so, I played small.   I grieved loss of old friends and relationships, so I stopped trying to find new ones. And all of this led me to see myself as deficient.  And what a man thinketh, so he is. 

That episode and book spoke directly to my spirit and answered the prayer that I prayed the night before.  What occurred next brings me to where I am today.  I made the choice to see myself differently and forge a new path of purpose.  Since then, I have invested time, effort and work in improving my own life as well as educating myself on the great lessons of God and the universe.    From my own journey and studies, I now teach the timeless principles of life, love, joy, abundance, wealth, prosperity and intention to those who seek improvement in their lives.  To those who see themselves now as I saw myself back then.  I have gone from being a seeker to a committed devotee.

Rather than seeing my past with shame or focusing on the injustice; I now focus on the value in the experience.  I believe that everything that has ever happened to me; happened for me.

Who I am today is someone who leads with love and brings light into all situations. I am a firm believer that wherever you shine light, you gain clear vision to make your best decisions.  Having fallen completely in love with the deep spiritual work that I do, I have a strong desire to share that with the world.  I do this work because I know that it is my calling.  I know that everything that has ever happened for me; happened also to make me a more dynamic and empathetic coach. Whatever I learn, I am willing and happy to teach. 

I would be honored to share my talent and knowledge with you; for you, through the coaching experience.  Navigating the challenges of life is best when you have a trusted ally who can support you through kindness, deep understanding and allowing vulnerability.  A coach who has not just done the reading but applied the lessons.  Along with being a highly effective coach, I am an excellent researcher, story teller and data specialist.  Allow me to take the data of your life and help you compile it and analyze it fully; in order to make better choices for your future. 

If you can relate to my story I encourage you to sign up for a free consultation to experience what true and unwavering support feels like.  If you have made  it to the end of this bio; you might as well take a chance and start today.

I appreciate you,

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