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WWOD - Birthday SALE!

It’s My Birthday!!!

To celebrate my birth this year I planned on being on a tropical island. I would invite my closest loved ones and we would spend the days swaying to the island beats at various levels of intoxication in this year’s hottest resort wear. However, Covid, The Deltas, Alphas, Betas, Omarion and all of their other friends made different plans for me this year. To focus on safety, this year I spent my birthday in my apartment; reframing what I wanted this year’s celebration to look like. With that, I asked myself one of my favorite questions - “WWOD?” (What would Oprah do?)

Oprah Winfrey

· Would Oprah host a Zoom birthday party? Perhaps, but who really wants to attend another one of those? Not me!

· Would Oprah take a trip despite the CDC’s warning? Certainly not. Oprah hasn’t left her estate since the OG variant made its way to the states.

· Would Oprah post her cash app for gifts and offerings? Abso-f**king-lutely not!

Oprah wouldn’t ask for gifts at all. She would give gifts.

In the spirit of giving, and considering that I did not budget for buying hundreds of new cars this year; I had to think of the next best thing. (Something that the recipient won’t have to pay the taxes on.) The most valuable gift that I have to offer to anyone is my expertise in personal, professional, spiritual, and relationship development.


· Do you feel stuck in an unfulfilling job?

· Are you frustrated by never finishing what you started?

· Are you overwhelmed, unappreciated, undervalued or underpaid?

· Are you hopeless or helpless when it comes to dating, attracting and maintaining healthy relationships?

· Are you ready to make big changes in your life this year but just don’t know how?

· Are you on a journey to spiritual growth, purpose and fulfillment and need someone to support you?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes; today please allow me to give you the gift of growth and evolution that comes from working with a dynamic and effective lifestyle coach. By working with me, I will help you gain clarity in the areas of your life that are vague confusing or scary. We will cultivate the tools that you need to prosper in your career, your personal life, your spiritual life and in healing the past. I offer you the opportunity to live a life of limitless possibility and luxury as well as the gift of freedom from what challenges you. Something that I often tell people is that freedom never comes freely; but once in a while it comes on sale! With that in mind I am excited to offer you my gift of personal development coaching.

To celebrate my birthday this year as well as ringing in the year 2022, I am offering TWO virtual coaching sessions for $22.00 (only $11 per session)! That is an 89% discount on the regular price for one on one coaching. (Couples coaching are 2 sessions for $22 per person). Below are the two simple steps to redeem this offer. In the spirit of paying it forward please feel free to share this offer with your friends and loved ones or purchase the offer for someone that you appreciate.

1. Please visit my website (linked) and register to receive news and updates on Loving Lighter Lifestyle Coaching.

2. After you are registered go to Book Online and chose the “Birthday Promotion” to make your payment and schedule your sessions.

*This offer only applies to new clients only.

*Offer only available to clients 18yrs and up.

*All sessions will be done virtually or via telephone

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